Wired or Wireless? 3 Reasons a Wireless Sound System Could Work For Your Space

Wireless technology is everywhere these days, but many people still believe a wired sound system has its advantages. Deciding which is best for you depends on the nature of your space and what you want your sound system to do. Both systems have their pros and cons, but there are several good reasons to consider the wireless option. 

If you’re having difficulty deciding what sound system or AV setup would work for your space, qualified AV experts offer the best advice on everything from equipment to installation.

1. Wireless Technology is Getting Better 

Traditional thinking is that a wired sound system offers better sound quality. There is some truth in this, and if you want the absolute highest level of sound quality then you might want to stick with a wired system. However, wireless technology is getting better all the time, and wireless sound systems now offer very high sound quality.

Wireless speakers either use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Bluetooth standards have improved a lot, and Bluetooth can now deliver an incredible amount of data. At the same time, enhanced wireless networks mean the chance of your Wi-Fi signal dropping is greatly reduced. Hardware is also getting better, with wireless speaker design and driver technology both hitting new heights. 

2. Wireless Sound Offers Flexibility 

A major advantage of a wireless sound system is its versatility. Wireless microphones and speakers give you flexibility when you’re setting up a space for an event, as well as during the event itself.

In office, churches, or schools, a sound system often has to work as part of a full wireless AV system. When the sound components are flexible and portable, you have more options for integration. That’s especially true if you’re controlling the system with devices like laptops or tablets, and using applications such as digital mixing desks.

Whether you choose a wired or wireless sound system depends on the nature of your space. If you use an AV system in a house of worship where music is often performed, you might want to think about the high sound quality of wired sound. The same applies to event spaces such as concert venues. But for office AV, you probably change the locations of meetings and huddle spaces often, making wireless a better choice.

3. A Wireless Sound System is More Discreet

Wired systems by their nature need more cables and wires to connect them to other devices. These can be unsightly, as well as problematic if they become tangled or are always in the way. Wireless devices tend to be slicker and more discreet.

As well as being tidier and more aesthetically pleasing, a wireless sound system makes life easier for the people using it. For educational settings or corporate presentations, presenters using wireless microphones have their hands free to do other things such as using the remote control for a projector.

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