An AV Upgrade Could Be What Your Event Planning Service is Missing

Event planners know that audiovisuals are very important to what they do, but it might not always be clear exactly how a high quality, up-to-date AV system can lead to better events. 

An AV upgrade, led by knowledgeable professionals, could do wonders for your event planning service. The upgrade doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to do.

Here are some things to think about when considering if your event planning service could use an AV upgrade.

Changing expectations 

People attending events have very different expectations even compared to five years ago. They will notice the general quality of the AV system and will also appreciate certain details. For example, being able to put a live social media wall up on the screen on stage, showing what’s being “hashtagged” by those attending or watching online, would help to make people feel really involved. 

They may also expect to see visuals such as different videos on different screens, so older-style presentations that only use slides of still images could leave a lot of attendees feeling underwhelmed. 

Making use of newer ideas is often easy to do. Most events are filmed anyway, and it’s not a big step to turn the footage into a livestream or webcast, as long as you have the right AV system.

Convenience and adaptability 

New technology is usually efficient and compact, and AV gear is no different. Slick, portable wireless devices allow your event planning service to be more adaptable. If you work in a lot of different venues and need to adapt often, flexibility is a real advantage. As well as working in a range of different spaces, event planners often have to work with a lot of different people. When clients tell you they want a last minute change, or when in-house suppliers suggest what will work best in their venue, the latest tech will let you fit right in with what they want.

Having plenty of wireless microphones can save a lot of hassle. Worries about poor sound due to not having enough mics, or even no sound at all if someone accidentally pulls out a cable, will be a thing of the past.

A new AV system can save on cost

For event planners, it can sometimes seem like costs are coming from all directions. Venues often charge for extra for power, rigging points, and setup time. Small and portable wireless gear removes a lot of these issues. It makes the load in and out so much easier, not to mention the set up.

You know what you want but don’t know how to get it

Event planners learn from experience with every event, finding out what works and what doesn’t. There will probably be things you would like to do differently. An AV expert with knowledge of the latest tech can advise how to get exactly what you want.

Not having the right audiovisual equipment can cause problems that are obvious to everyone at an event, such as the wrong aspect ratio leading to black bars on the screen and a smaller image than expected. High-quality audiovisuals, by contrast, will leave people feeling you put on a great event even if they didn’t notice the AV specifically. 

At Advanced Sound & Communication, all of our audiovisual technicians are certified by AVIXA. Our experts can help you upgrade your AV system and improve your event planning service, assisting you with getting the right equipment at the right budget. We can also assist with installing it and will be there for ongoing technical support.