Video Conferencing Can Elevate the Workflow in Your Office Space


In modern offices, video conferencing is no longer a luxury. It’s an essential tool for ensuring efficiency, as well as employee and client satisfaction. Let’s take a look at how video conferencing can improve the workflow in your office space.

Productivity and cost-saving

It should go without saying that efficient workflow is very important to the productivity and success of a business. That’s why when things slow down or even grind to a halt, it can be very damaging. If someone is out of town or has difficulty arranging the next meeting, projects can stall. 

Video conferencing can remove those problems. It’s now very common to have employees and clients scattered around the country and even the world. Remote working, and working from home, are becoming the norm. But everybody that needs to have input on a project can do so easily if high-quality video conferencing is part of your workplace audiovisual (AV) setup.

Ideally, this doesn’t mean several team members huddled around a laptop with a stuttering Skype connection. It means video conferencing as part of a good AV system that allows laptop screens to be shared on big screens and projectors. It means instant file sharing, remote collaboration on documents, easy-to-use interfaces, and effective processors.

A corporate AV services company can provide experts to assess what would work best for your space, with advice on everything from the right equipment to the best placement of microphones, speakers, and projectors in a conference room. Choosing the correct placement may sound like a simple task, but there are often details that only experts think of. With the right setup, frustrating conference calls can be a thing of the past.

Efficiency also leads to cost-saving. There are direct savings that come from things like avoiding the cost of flying someone to a meeting when it could be done over video. And, of course, projects that are completed more quickly and efficiently always cost less.

Employee and client satisfaction

There’s strong evidence to suggest that people engage better with visual conference calls than they do with audio conferencing or email correspondence. In addition, relationships built over video conferencing can be as strong as meeting face-to-face. According to Forbes, more than 70 percent of executives in high-growth companies believe that video conferencing improves communication versus audio conferencing.

With a good video-conferencing setup and other audiovisuals that allow remote collaboration and content sharing, it’s easy for employees to showcase their talents. This boosts morale, which should already be high if the project is going quickly and smoothly.

Easy collaboration means less frustration and miscommunication between colleagues, clients, and service providers. It also means fewer errors. On a day-to-day level, employees and clients will be much happier if they don’t have to travel across town in traffic for a 15-minute meeting! Video-conferencing brings more convenience.

Video conference and high-quality AV also make impromptu meetings much easier. Wireless gear ensures huddle rooms can quickly become high-tech, efficient meeting spaces.

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