Creating A New Space: When To Work AV Installation into Your Construction Plan


When it comes to creating a new space, there’s one thing we can say for certain about planning your AV installation: it’s best to do it as early as possible.

Many people wait until it’s too late. It’s easy to think of AV installation as being part of the finishing touches, but waiting too long to work it into a construction plan can mean expensive adjustments need to be made.

This could mean tearing down drywalls or pulling up flooring, which is highly inconvenient as well as being expensive. In fact, adjusting construction to fit with AV planning may be so disruptive that people ending up deciding not to do it at all. That means AV plans have to be changed instead, and you could end up with a system that isn’t what you wanted and isn’t suitable for your new space.

Seeing the big picture from the start

Many problems can be avoided by having your audiovisual team present during the early stages of construction planning. That doesn’t mean that AV installation will start shortly after construction begins, and it may be that a lot of the AV installation will take place during the later stages of construction. But early planning will avoid problems down the line.

For this kind of early planning, which will produce better end results as well as saving time and money, it’s best to get the help of professionals who are experts in overall AV planning. Looking at the bigger picture is a better option than waiting to buy separate bits of gear right at the end, which may not work well together or may be difficult to install.

Professionals can also advise on details like whether a wired or wireless system would work better and where to place equipment to get the best results.

Make sure your construction team keeps AV in mind

It’s best not to assume that contractors and architects will be thinking about AV installation.

AV experts think of things others may not, like whether light from a large window will be shining on a place where your projector will end up. If AV experts are involved from the start, they can work with the construction team rather than having to amend plans later, which may cause conflict as well as expense.

Your constriction team might be experts in long-standing construction methods, but the AV landscape is changing all the time. All kinds of spaces now have integrated AV, from restaurants and bars to churches and educational centers.

Even something as simple as a table in an office meeting room might have individual power outlets and USB connections, and the room will likely need the right equipment for WiFi access, video conferencing, and multimedia presentations. Creating this kind of environment means planning for it can’t be left until the last minute.

The right environment for your AV installation

Your new space will grow into a brand new environment, and AV is integrated into the overall environment. A large screen, for example, needs to be positioned appropriately to the seating layout. In somewhere like a church or a lecture hall, the seating may be fixed and can’t be changed later. Similarly, some AV equipment might need certain climate conditions to work safely and efficiently, so it will need to fit in with the HVAC system.

It’s also good to know when the construction site will be safe for AV installation, which informs you of how much time you have to plan your AV budget and buy equipment.

At Advanced Sound & Communication, all of our technicians are AVIXA trained and certified, and we would be happy to advise on AV installation during construction of your new space. Contact us for help with everything from the fine details to the big picture.