Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Next AV Service Call


Tech problems can be very frustrating, especially when the equipment is supposed to bring convenience and improve businesses but ends up doing the opposite. When problems occur, they need to be fixed as quickly as possible. Here’s how you can get the most out of your AV service call.

Check the basics

It might seem obvious, but it’s good to check the basics before your service call. Make sure the power is on, and confirm all the cables are connected to a power source and to the right devices. Checking this first means you can skip the obvious stuff and get straight to the real problem, making the most of your customer service officer’s knowledge.

Give as much detail as you can about a problem

Before your service call, make a quick note of what problems have been happening or what changes you would like to make. You don’t have to note every single detail or delay the service call until you’ve gathered more information, but it’s good to quickly jot down as much as you can about what’s been happening so that you don’t feel pressured during the call. Even if you have the most patient and helpful professional on the phone or on your premises, it can be difficult to immediately remember and explain what has been going on.

Make sure you know what the problem is

It might not be yourself that’s having the problem directly. If it’s a co-worker or someone else in your organization, then you could ask them exactly what problems they have been experiencing. This means that during your service call, you’ll be able to tell the expert what they need to know so that they can help as much as possible.

Think about the bigger picture

The person helping you during your service call will do their best work if they have all the info they need. As well as giving them good information about the specific problem, try to let them know about the bigger picture too.

If there is some renovation work in your building or even in nearby premises, that might affect your AV system. Network updates can also sometimes cause problems that are not due to any damage and are easily fixed, so long as the expert is aware of them.

Even environmental change could affect your system. If, for example, you have been having problems with the air-conditioning and the room has been more hot and humid than usual, that would be good for your service call expert to know.

Don’t neglect AV service calls

When it comes to audiovisuals, companies and individuals often feel like they can take on a lot of the work themselves. Some people take the DIY option simply to avoid expense, and others decide to take on the AV work because they’re confident in their tech knowledge and maybe even want to test their skills.

But whether it’s planning an AV setup or fixing problems, expert knowledge goes a long way. Full-time professionals think of ideas and solutions that most of us don’t.

Professionals can assist with everything from the simplest parts of AV service to the most complex issues.

At Advanced Sound & Communication, all of our technicians are AVIXA trained and certified. We can repair and upgrade the equipment you already have, and would also be happy to help with planning and equipping a new AV setup.