4 Simple Tips for Making Sure Your Church Lighting System is Ready for Worship


Our experience and enjoyment of a situation is often affected by things we don't directly notice. A restaurant getting the music, temperature, and lighting just right may help us appreciate the food more. On the same token, people might not think of church lighting as a priority, but a good church lighting system makes a big difference to a contemporary church service. Here are four tips to ensure yours is ready.

Make your church lighting system fit for purpose

When deciding what kind of church lighting system you need, it’s important to think about your environment and goals. An extravagant lighting system is unlikely to work in a small church, for example.

Think about the vibe you want for your service and be mindful that lighting has a powerful effect on mood.  Maybe you’re adjusting your vibe to attract younger people and expand the demographic, while being subtle enough to not make the whole thing like a rock concert.

Keep in mind that the right lighting adds to a good overall impression for worshipers.

Equipment and installation

This is probably most important of all. Equipment that works perfectly and is well installed is essential for a good church lighting system. That doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the most expensive gear. But once you’ve decided on your budget, hiring an expert to advise on equipment can help you get the best value.

It’s also worth remembering that the DIY option could end up costing you more in the long run when problems that could have been avoided need to be fixed!

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Which lights do what?

Input from lighting professionals is advisable for complex lighting setups, but you can make a start with a little basic understanding.

You’ll likely need a wash light for general stage lighting in the area the service leader is positioned, whereas a spotlight is pointed directly at the leader. Be mindful of distracting shadows, which can easily be avoided by adjusting the spotlight angle.

You’ll need appropriate lighting during congregation participation. Simple fixtures that allow indirect lighting (reflected off the walls or ceiling) create soft, expansive light that’s good for reading. But if everyone’s singing, you might want to light them with color!

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Once you have great equipment and a flawless plan, be sure to rehearse the service. Rehearsals help you make sure lights are landing in the right places and have the desired effect. If you’re going for more a complex church lighting system, you could use technology to pre-program the whole event to sync beautifully with the live service.

In summary, a good church lighting system makes a huge difference to your service and to the way your congregation experiences it. However, it’s important to make sure the light system is suitable for your church. Having well-installed-and-maintained equipment and knowing how to get the most out of it are paramount considerations. For help with all of those things and more, reach out to us!