Professional Stage Lighting Can Help Your Space Shine

Professional Stage Lighting Can Help Your Space Shine.jpg

Think that professional stage lighting isn't as important as the audio side of things? Think again. What many fail to realize is that the visual is just as vital a component of any production. And, any audiovisual production can be greatly enhanced by professional stage lighting when it's produced with quality stage lights and lighting equipment. The advantages of professional stage lighting and good light production are vast. Let's take a look.

Lighting can affect how you view a production.
Studies have shown that different colors of lights and intensity of lighting can affect a viewer’s mood or the emotional aspects of a performance. Blues often promote feelings of melancholy or calm while reds can cause higher intensity, even anger. Greens can signify jealousy while shadowing promotes drama and anxiety.

Professional stage lighting also can target emphasis where you want it. Lighting can draw a viewer’s eyes exactly where you want them. In essence, it’s another director for the production, prompting the audience to see and feel what you want them to.

Lighting enhances everything else in the presentation.
Good, professional stage lighting basically makes all the other elements in a production stand out more, as it can be synchronized with sound to enhance the experience. Who hasn’t attended a music concert where the light presentation isn’t as spectacular as the music and sound itself?

It can portray elements, such as rain, lightning, or warm sunshine, as well as other elements. Professional stage lighting also can enhance the darkness on a stage, creating contrasts in light that emphasizes key areas at certain points of a production while de-emphasizing others, all the while enriching the storytelling.

Choose the right technician to install professional stage lighting.
Experience and attention to detail are important when it comes to great professional stage lighting. Advanced Sound & Communication employs AVIXA-certified technicians committed to installing your professional stage lighting right and doing it right the first time. Having the right equipment also is essential to doing the job well. We work closely with vendors who offer the latest in state-of-the-art lights, lighting equipment, and supporting software to ensure that any professional stage lighting system creates an experience that will captivate your audience.