Why the Audiovisual Techs You Hire Should Be AVIXA Trained and Certified

Why the Audiovisual Techs You Hire Should Be AVIXA Trained and Certified

Anyone can claim to have some knowledge in technology. But that’s a long way from knowing whether the audiovisual technician you hired to install your new system at your home or business is fully versed on industry best practices and the latest technologies.

“I interface with people from time to time who call themselves ‘engineers’,” said Brent Handy, CTS, consultant, designer, engineer with Advanced Sound and Communication in Kansas City, Missouri. “They say they know how to install sound systems. Yet, we get calls to go fix their work.”

There can be huge risks involved, including electrocution, if your audiovisual technician is not certified. Lucky for you, there’s an easy way to make that determination.

AVIXA – the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association – has administered its Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) professional credentialing program for more than 30 years. To become AVIXA CTS certified, audio visual technicians must have completed training courses and demonstrated audiovisual knowledge and/or skills, adhere to the CTS Code of Ethics and Conduct and maintain, through continuing education, a commitment to professional growth. There are more than 12,000 CTS holders around the world. More recently, AVIXA has expanded the program to include two more advanced credentials – CTS-D and CTS-I – specializing in design and installation respectively. AVIXA CTS certification can benefit a business, showing a commitment to excellence by hiring only the best-trained audiovisual technicians available and increasing consumer confidence.

Even more so, it can provide a huge boon to clients.

  • Reassurance of competency, experience and ethical behavior
  • An open, tested, clear set of industry standards to evaluate audiovisual providers
  • Professionals who are held to a high standard of ethics and conduct.

All audiovisual technicians at Advanced Sound and Communication are AVIXA CTS certified, a commitment Handy said the company made to ensuring customers receive the best, most-qualified service in installing or servicing their audio equipment or audiovisual equipment needs.

“AVIXA provides industry specific education,” Handy said. “Proof of our education comes in the form of testing and certification. We must maintain this verification by attending classes throughout the year. The presence of a certified staff ensures the staff has been properly educated how to do the work correctly. It provides the baseline of knowledge.”

It’s a standard of excellence shared by many of Handy’s colleagues around the world. “We’ve had CTS-certified staff here for about seven years,” said Duncan Lugstein, managing director for Sydney, Australia-based Corporate Technology Services. “It allows us to go to our clients and say we think we have the best people and here is what they’ve achieved with an international body.”

So, next time you hire a company to install, refurbish, or repair audio equipment or an audiovisual system in your home or business, be certain the audiovisual technician is AVIXA CTS certified. It will give you peace of mind that the work is being done properly and correctly, and you could avoid headaches with your system in the future.