Ready for Worship: 4 Reasons to Update Your Church AV System

It can be a difficult decision to invest in a new church audiovisual (AV) system, knowing that it might be an expensive and time-consuming process. If your church is on a tight budget or you don’t know where to begin in terms of choosing equipment, that can also put you off taking the step to upgrade. But AV experts can help make the process easier and more cost-effective. Here are four good reasons to upgrade.

1. Clear communication

Churches arrange worship in many different ways, but a vital part of most services is the communication from the leader to the congregation. If poor sound equipment means some of the congregation are not able to hear the message, they will miss out on a big part of the service. 

Good sound is about more than turning up the volume and speaking clearly. If your equipment distorts, crackles, or loses sound momentarily, that can lead to words being heard intermittently. Details like speaker positioning and the acoustics of the room are also important, and an expert technician can advise you about these elements when you update.

2. Greater appreciation 

With a good church AV system, your congregation can see and hear all parts of the service. This means they will be more attentive, and more importantly they will feel a stronger connection to what’s going on. Time spent in church is important, and people like to appreciate it fully. 

Services are moving experiences for leaders and congregations alike, and it’s sad if somebody is immersed in a service only to be distracted by bad sound such as loud microphone pops or jarring feedback. 

3. Getting everybody involved

Using all the different parts of a church AV system helps everyone in the congregation to get involved. High-quality video and lighting help people with poor eye-sight to see leaders better, and good sound helps anybody who is hard of hearing.

People take in information in different ways: some prefer audio, while others understand better when they see graphics and visuals. The expectations of your congregation also change across generations. Younger people, including those in their twenties and thirties, don’t expect presentation in a house of worship to be of a lower standard than they’re used to in their schools, colleges, and offices.

With a good church AV system, you could even record or livestream services to reach a broader audience.

4. A new church AV system can save you time and money

If your church is on a budget, an upgrade doesn’t have to mean spending a lot on high-end equipment. AV specialists can recommend what will work best for your space and your budget. They can tell you what to prioritize to get the most out of your upgrade. 

Ultimately, trying to patch up outdated equipment year after year ends up costing more time and money than replacement does. And you might find that modern equipment makes things cheaper through efficiency. If your church uses a lot of musical performances, for example, a virtual mixing desk on a tablet is cheaper than a huge traditional mixing desk.

To talk to an AVIXA trained and certified expert about how to get started with your church AV upgrade, contact us at Advanced Sound & Communication.